Holiday Cocktail Recipes

Our Fall Recipe Collection

Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday in November when the weather starts to get chilly. A nice warm cocktail can be just what the doctor ordered. Many of these cocktails are served hot with coffee, tea or apple cider.

Cocktail Recipes

Apple Creek Martini
Apple Manhattan
Apple Pie
Autumn in Jalisco
Autumn Manhattan
Autumn Martini
Bailey's and Hot Coffee
Bailey's Chai Swizzle
Bailey's Hot Chocolate
Bailey's Hot Coco Bay
Bailey's Hot Mint Chocolate
Bailey's Peppermint Cream
Bailey's Peppermint Tea
Bailey's Spiced Nog
Baked Apple
Beach Bum Coffee
Belvedere Autumn Nectar
Belvedere Choc Orange
Belvedere Orange Manhattan
Belvedere Pink Espresso Martini
Belvedere Pink Toddy
Belvedere St. Clements Toddy
Black Haus Orange Coffee
Bushmills Irish Punch
Butter Nut Coffee
Cafe Coco
Calypso Coffee
Captain Morgan's Steamy Applecolada Dream
Captain's Coffee
Captain's Orange Coffee
Chip Shot
Cinnamon Toast Recipe
Citrus Espresso Cocktail
Coco Beach
Coconut Brownie
Coffee Nudge
Coffee Old-Fashioned
Coffee Royale
Disaronno Espresso Shake
Disaronno Mocha Italia
El Espresso de San Jaun
Esmeralda’s Spiced Tea
Evening Nectar Cocktail
Gin Hot Toddy
Grand Cafe Latte
Grand Cappuccino
Grand Espresso
Grand French Coffee
Grand Marnier Hot Choc
Grand Orange Coffee
Grand Spice Coffee
Grande to Go
Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee Drop
Irish Car Bomb
Java Meister
Kings Cider
Kioke Coffee
Malibu Calypso Cafe
Mexican Coffee
Millionaire's Coffee
Orange Toddy
Peppermint Patty Coffee
Skyy Blood Orange Cider
SoCo Hot Apple Pie
SoCo Spicy Cocoa
Spanish Coffee
Traveler Cocktail
Tropical Spice
Whacked Russian

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