Aneurysm Cocktail Recipe
Aneurysm Cocktail Recipe
1/2 ounce Jagermeister herbal liqueur
1/2 ounce Crown Royal Whisky
1/2 ounce Aftershock liqueur
1/2 Bacardi 151 proof Rum
1/2 ounce Jose Cuervo Tequila
a dash of Vanilla extract
Fill with Orange Juice.
Aneurysm Cocktail Recipe Jager, Crown Royal Whisky, Bacardi Rum Jose Cuervo tequila
The Aneurysm Cocktail is made with Jagermeister herbal liqueur, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, Aftershock liqueur, Bacardi 151 proof rum, Jose Cuervo tequila, a dash of vanilla extract and orange juice. The Aneurysm Cocktail. You might want to chase this one with a couple of asprin.