A Night in Bangkok Cocktail

A Night in Bangkok Recipe

A Night in Bangkok Cocktail Recipe

A Night in Bangkok Cocktail Recipe

1-1/2 parts Grey Goose Vodka
34 part lime juice
3/4 part simple Syrup
3/4 part Mezcal
black pepper
1 cucumber slice
1 sprig cilantro

1.Combine Kosher salt and black pepper.
2.Rim Old Fashioned glass with sesame oil, dip in kosher
salt/crushed black pepper mix.
3.Muddle cucumber and cilantro in a shaker tin, add ingredients
and ice, shake and double strain over ice into old fashioned
4.Garnish with cucumber-cilantro chip.

The Night in Bangkok Cocktail is made using GREY GOOSE Vodka infused with Thai chili and blended with
mezcal, cucumber and cilantro, creating a savory cocktail
with a fiery kick. The Night in Bangkok Cocktail Recipe.



Thai chili infused vodka ingredients

8 parts GreyGoose® Vodka
3 Thai chilis, cut lengthwise

Thai chili Infused vodka Preparation
1. Combine 8 parts GREY GOOSE Vodka and 3 Thai Chilies, cut lengthwise.
2. Steep for five minutes (or to taste), and strain.

Take cucumber slice and stick one Cilantro leaf on it's face.
Cilantro leaf should stick, otherwise, try brushing cucumber
chip with simple syrup. Sprinkle with Salt/pepper mix.