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Club Soda


Club Soda / Seltzer Water

Club Soda is water with carbonation and a small amount of salt. club soda is used as a drink mixer in many cocktails. The club soda when mixed with alcohol dilutes the alcohol and makes the drink easier to enjoy. Club soda is also known as soda, soda water, seltzer water even though seltzer water is not exactly the same seltzer does not have any salt added. most bars that carry club soda on the drink gun dispense seltzer water ( a co2 tank and a water source ). Most of the cocktails that use Club Soda can also be made with flat water (plain water, no bubbles). Some of the popular drinks that use club soda are, whiskey soda, vodka soda, gin soda and a collins.


Club Soda Brands:

Canada Dry
White Rock
Soda Stream (home made)