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Coca Cola


Coke as a Drink Mixer

Coke is probably the most common mix for cocktails. The classic Jack and Coke or Rum and Coke are two of the most ordered cocktails in a bar. Coca Cola is always on the forefront of new and exciting products. Coke offers many vatieties of cola like Cherry, Vanilla, Lime, Diet, and Caffine free. All of these can change your cocktails in new and interesting ways. The Coca Cola Company has 3,500 different drinks world wide in over 200 countries.

Varieties of Coca Cola:

Diet Coke
Caffine Free Coca Cola
Cherry Coke
Coca Cola with Lemon
Vanilla Coke
Coca Cola with lime
Coca Cola with Raspberry
Coke Zero
Coca Cola C2

Coca Cola Changed it's Recipe for Coke on April 23, 1985. Taste tast prooved that people chose the new recipe over the original Coke and Pepsi. After they made the change the loyal coke drinkers were in an outrage and protested the new Coke. Coca Cola soon changed it back to the original formula on July 10, 1985 and called it Classic Coke.