Shots and Shooters

Shot and Shooter Recipes


Our Shot and Shooter Recipes

24 karat Nightmare

3 Steps to Heaven

6 ft. Red Headed Nazi

7 Headed Dragon

8 Ball Cocktail

911 Shooter #2

Absolut Lime

Absolut Turnover

Alabama Slammer Shooter

Amaretto Pie

Angie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookie

Angry German Cocktail

Armenian Knockout

Asymmetric Prozac

Aunt Verne Cocktail


Bavarian Border

Berlin Wall Cocktail

Big Pine Puss Recipe

Black And Gold Grand Prix Car Bomb

Black Crack Cocktail

Blackberry Lane Cocktail

Black gold Cocktail Shooter

Black Leather Whip Cocktial

Black Tooth Grin #1

Blaster Cocktail

Blatto Otto Shot

Blond Headed Slut

Blood of Satan #1

Blood Of Satan #2

Bloody Brain Cocktail

Blow Job

Blue Hooter

Blue Hopper Cocktail

BMW Shooter

Bob Marley Cocktail #1

Body Bag Cocktail

Brain Hemorrhage

Breakfast Shot

Brown Death Cocktail

Bull Piss Shooter

Bull Shot

Butter Comfort

Butterscotch Lifesaver

Buttery Nipple

Butter Ball

Cajun Thunder

Captain 100 Shot

Cement Mixer

Chair Shot

Chemical Reaction


Chip Shot

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot

Chunkmeisteretto shot

Cinna Bee Sting Shooter

Cinna Burst cocktail


Curb Shot Cocktail

D.O.A. Cocktail

Dead Bird Shooter

Dead Doctor Cocktail

Dead Nazi #1

Dead Nazi At Stalingrad

Dead Nazi Drink Recipe

Death on Ice Cocktail

Depth Charge #5

Dick In The Dirt

Diesel Fuel Shooter

Dirty Butthole Shot

Dr. J. Shooter

Dragon Breath Cocktail

Duck Fart

Erection Cocktail

Exxon Valdez Cocktail

Fat Bastard Shot

Fathead Jackass

Five Star General

Flaming Death Shooter

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Four Jokers Cocktail

Freddy Kruger Shot

G- Spot

Gangrene Shooter

Gator Bite

German Burrito

German Chocolate Cake Shot

German Death Shot

German Nipples

Gold Digging Dead Nazi Recipe

Golden Raspberry Cocktail

Gravedigger #2 Cocktail

Gravity Wave Cocktail

Green Lizard

Green Monster

Gum Drop

H.O.B. Cocktail

Hanz and Franz Shot

Hard Berlin Wall

Harsh Shooter

Hemlock Shooter

Hot Fuck Shot

Hypno Meister

Hypnotiq Veronica

Ice Bomb

Instant Death Cocktail

Ipecac Shooter

Irish Eyes

Irish Flag Cocktail Recipe

Irish Frog Recipe

Irish Lobotomy

Jager Bomb

Jekyll and Hyde #1

Jekyll and Hyde #2

Jelly Bean

Judgement Day Shooter


Kamikaze 2

Kaiser Meister

Killer Bee

La Poire Onctueuse

Leggs Shooter

Lemon Drop

Lemon Head

Lethal Injection Shot

Lethal Weapon Shooter

Life Flight

Lime Bite Squeeze

Liquid Asphalt

Liquid Cocaine

Liquid Cocaine #2

Liquid Cocaine #3

Liquid Cocaine #4

Liquid Heroin #1

Liquid Heroin #2

Lit City Cocktail

Mach 5 Shooter

Massilon Gravel

Masterbating Butterfly

Melon Ball

Milk Of Amnesia

Mint Monkey Fucker


Monkey Fucker

Morgan's Delight Cocktail

Motor Oil Shooter #1

Motor Oil Shooter #2

Ms. Jackson Shooter

Nazi Fuck Shot

Nazi Taco Shooter

Oatmeal Cookie

Oatmeal Cookie #2

Oatmeal Cookie #3

Oatmeal Cookie #4

Oatmeal Coookie #5

Oil Slick #1

Oil Slick #2

Oil Slick #3

Oil Slick #4


Passed Out Naked on the Bathroom Floor

Peach House Cocktail

Penalty Kick

Pez Recipe

Pickleback Shot Recipe

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pink Lemonade Shooter

Pink Panties

Pitbull On Crack

Porn Star

Princess Pousse Cafe recipe

Pucker F**ker

Puke Juice

Purple Frog

Purple Hooter

Purple Hooter 2

Rainbow Sour recipe

Razor Blade Shooter

Red Daddy's Fire

Red Headed Princess

Red Headed Slut

Red Raider #2

Rotten Peach Shooter

Rumple Meister

Sand Bag Shooter

Scooby Snack

Screaming Moose

Screaming Orgasm

Screaming Nazi

Sex on a Malibu Beach

Shamrock Shaker Recipe

Shamrock Shooter

Shot From HellSilk Panties

Silver Streak Cocktail

Slamma Jamma

Sledge Hammer

Slick Rick recipe

Slutty Redhead

Smirnoff Chocolate Cake

Snake Bite

Snow Shoe

Spirit walker Cocktail

Sour Apple Drop

Starry Night Cocktail

Stumble Fuck #1

Stumble Fuck #2

Stumble fuck Shooter

Stump Fucker

Surfer on Acid

Surfer On Acid #5

Surfer On Acid #6

Tattoo Ink Shot

Teddy Bear

Teradactyl Shooter

The Blackout

The Kings Downfall

The Yard Shot

Three Wise Men

Track Star

Treasure Cocktail

Undertakers Tombstone

Vaginal Secreations

Vomit Shooter

Walk The Plank

Washington Apple

Wet pussy

Widow Maker

Wise Man Shooter


Shot Recipes are under 2 ounces and served in a shot glass. In most cases it is just one ore two ingredients poured straight from the bottle into the glass.


Shooter Recipes are usually just under 4 ounces and served in a rocks glass. Shooter Recipes are also commonly mixed in a cocktail shaker with ice and strained into the glass. Some Shooters are strained into a cocktail glass and called a Martini.

Alabama Slammer Shooter

Angie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookie

The Alabama Slammer Shooter is made with Vodka, Sloe Gin, Southern Comfort liqueur, Amaretto liqueur and orange juice. The Alabama Slammer Shooter Angie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookie shooter is made with Bailey's Original Irish Cream liqueur, Goldschlager Cinnamon schnapps, and Jagerr herbal liqueur, Angie's Favorite Oatmeal Cookie shooters.

Butterscotch Lifesaver


The Butterscotch lifesaver cocktail with malibu Rum is a Martini that taste just like a butterscotch lifesaver candy. The key to this one is to not overpour the butterscotch Schnapps. The B 52 Cocktail is layered, more for appearance than for the taste. Make sure to pour the ingredients in order. The heaviest alcohol first, Kahlua. Then the Bailey's Irish Cream. lastly the Grand Marnier.

Buttery Nipple

Chocolate Cake

The Buttery Nipple cocktail tastes like creamy butterscotch candy. The butterscotch schnapps and the Bailey's Irish cream blend well in this cocktail. The Chocolate Cake Martini is a sweet martini thatt taste like chocolate cake. You can rim the cocktail glass with sugar for an impressive presentation.

Duck Fart

G- Spot

The Duck Fart Cocktail is Layered cocktail, which means that the Amaretto goes in first then the bailey's irish cream and lastly th crown royal on top. The G Spot Cocktail is made with Jagermeister herbal liqueur, Midori Melon liqueur, and Triple Sec orange liqueur. The G Spot Cocktail Recipe.

Jelly Bean


The Jelly Bean cocktail is a sweet shot. It is licorice and blackberry flavored. This shot goes down easy.We make this cocktail with Blackberry brandy and Anisette anise flavored liqueur. The Kamikaze Cocktail is made using DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur, Vodka and Sweetened Lime Juice. The Kamikaze Cocktail Recipe.

Lemon Drop

Liquid Cocaine

The Lemon Drop Martini is one of the new trendy drinks that has gained popularity among the younger crowds. the Lemon drop Martini presents itself wonderfully, and the taste is also impressive. The Lemon Drop Martini Cocktai Recipe. The liquid cocaine Shooter is made with Bacardi 151 Rum, goldschlager Cinnamon schnapps, Jagermeister herbal liqueur,The Liquid cocaine Shooter Cocktail Recipe.

Oatmeal Cookie

Pink Panties

The Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail Shooter tastes incredibly like an actual Oatmeal Cookie. .All in All an amazing combination. The Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail Recipe. The Pink panties Cocktail is just absolut Vodka with pink lemonade and some whipped cream. Check out these Pink Panties.

Red Headed Slut

Scooby Snack

The Red Headed Slut Shooter is on of the most popular shooters ordered in a bar. With i nice blend of Jagermeister peach schnapps and cranberry juice this cocktail shooter is so smooth. Hint- don't over pour the jager. The Scooby Snack Cocktail is a great mixture of Midori Melon liqueur and Malibu coconut rum. Shake these ingredients well with pineapple juice and Cream.

Surfer on Acid

Three Wise Men

The Surfer on Acid Cocktial is a great shooter to toast with in a group. The jagermeister and Malibu rum blend together well in this one balanced out with pineapple Juice this cocktail is smooth and sweet. The Three Wise Men Shot is The three main whiskies, all in one shot. Some people use Jose in this one but no don't do it. stay with all whiskey.

Washington Apple

Wet pussy

The Washington Apple is a blend of Crown Royal, Apple pucker, and Cranberry juice. The flavors mix together so well. The Washington Apple Martini tastes exactly like a red apple. The Wet Pussy Cocktail is the new name for the woo woo cocktail. this wonderful fresh shooter is expressed mainly through the peach and cranberry blend that makes this cocktail so crisp and refreshing. The Wet Pussy Cocktail Recipe.