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007 Martini

20th Century

4th of July Martini

A Passionate Affair

Abby Cocktail

Absinthe Cocktail

Absolut APeachpolitan

Absolut Apple

Absolut Chocolate

Absolut Comfort

Absolut Confusion

Absolut Cosmo

Absolut Cosmopolitan

Absolut Elyx Vesper

Absolut Heaven

Absolut Hot and Frozen

Absolut Leg Spreader

Absolut Mandrin White Cosmopolitan

Absolut Martini

Absolut Mind-F*ck

Absolut Nut Martini

Absolut Raspberri White

Absolut Spash

Act 1 Cocktail

Adonis Cocktail



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Alligator Tail

American Sweetheart

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Apple Crisp Martini

Apple Martini

Apple Mistletoe Tini

Apple Pie

Apple Pucker F**ker

Applejack Manhattan

Appletini Cocktail

Area 51 Cocktail


Aruba Rum Punch

Asian Summer Cocktail

Astro Pop Cocktail

Autumn Manhattan

Bacardi Special

Bailey's Cherry Cafe


Bamboo Cocktail

Basic Bill

Basil Grande

Basin Street

Belvedere Beetroot and Spice Martini

Belvedere Citrus Gimlet

Belvedere Orange Num Sum kun

Belvedere Pineapple Rose

Belvedere Pink Aviation

Belvedere Pink Chamomile Daisey

Belvedere Pink Cosmo

Belvedere Pink Ginger Cosmo

Belvedere Pink Holiday

Belvedere Pink Martini

Belvedere Pink Whispered Vesper

Belvedere Pink Yuzu Sour

Belvedere Summer Punch

Belvedere Tea Punch

Belvedere Vodka Gibson

Belvedere Vodka Martini

Berlin Martini

Between the Sheets #2

Berry Fusion Minitini

Bitter Rhubarb Martini

Bittersweet Cocktail

Blackberry Martini

Black Cherry and Rose Martini

Black Haus Twist

Bloody Mary Martini

Black Swedish Virgin

Black Truffles Martini

Blood and Sand Cocktail

Bloody Virgin

Blue Bird

Blue Cosmopolitan

Blue Martini

Blue Martini 1

Blue Monday

Blue Moon

Bobby Burns


Boston Side Car

Brandy Cocktail

Brandy Vermouth Cocktail

Brazil Cocktail

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Breakfast Martini

Bronx Cocktail



Butterfly Martini

Butterscotch Lifesaver

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Cable Car Recipe

Campari Passion

Canadian Cocktail


Cat's Eye recipe

Charles Cocktail

Chicago Cocktail

Chinese Cocktail

Chip Shot

Chocolate Cake Martini

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Martini 2

Chocolate Soldier


Cielo Roso Martini

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Clover Club CocktailCombo

Conquistador Recipe

Corpse Reviver


Cosmopolitan #1

Cosmopolitan 2

Crackhouse Cocktail


Creme Rosa

Crown Royal Italian

Crown Royal Razzhattan

Crystal Bronx


Cucumber and Green Tea Martini

Cuervo Especial Oasis

Cuervo Pomegranate Margarita

Dark Lord Cocktail

Delilah recipe

Deconstructed Raspberry Mule

Devil Cocktail

Dewhaus Cocktail


Dixie Whiskey Cocktail

Dragon Lady

Double Strike

Dubonett Cocktail

Dulce de Leche

East India Cocktail #1

East India Cocktail #2

Easy Breeze

El Presidente Cocktail

Elderflower Cosmopolitan

Elderflower Martini


Emerald Isle

Ethel Duffy Cocktail recipe

Everybodys Irish

Fallen Angel

Fancy Bourbon

Fancy Brandy

Fancy Gin

Fancy Scotch

Fancy Whiskey

Farmer Giles

Farmer's Cocktail

Feisty Blood Orange


Fine and Dandy Cocktail

Fireside Martini Cocktail

Flaming Hootchie Mama

Floridian Martini

Flying Scotsman

Fox River Cocktail

French Daiquiri

French Martini 2

Gentleman Jack and Berries




Gin and Bitters

Gin Cocktail

Ginger Joy Cocktail

Golden Kiss Martini

Ginger Lemon Drop

Gold Finger Martini

Golden Martini recipe

Golden Slipper recipe

Golf Cocktail

Grand Cosmopolitan

Grand Marnier Sour

Grand Side Car

Grass Hopper


Grey Goose Lemon Drop

Grey Goose Martini

Grey Goose Monaco


Harry Denton Martini recipe

Harvard Cocktail

Heavenly Hilary recipe

Herbal Thyme Martini

Hilty Dilty recipe

Hat Trick

Honey Water Martini

Horse and Jockey

Hot Beach Shooter

I'm Blue Without Wendy

Imperial Cocktail

Income Tax Cocktail

Indian Rose Cocktail

Ingrid Cocktail

Italian Stallion Martini recipe

Intense Olive Martini

International Stinger

Irish Blond Cocktail

Irish Martini Recipe

Irish Whiskey Cocktail

Italian Apple Martini

Italian Ice Cocktail

Jack Daniel's Manhattan

Jack Rose

Jamaican Cocktail

Japanese Cocktail

Jockey Club Cocktail

Journalist Cocktail

Kentucky Colonel Cocktail

Kirby Cocktail

La Madone

La Palme de Cannes

La Poire Pro

La Poire Rose

La Pussy

Lemon Bomb

Lemon drop Martini

Lip Stick

Liquid Electroshock recipe

Loch Ness Monster

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Lover's Nocturne

Macarthur Cocktail

Maharaja's Martini

Malibu Coconut


Manhattan Reserve

Man O'War Cocktail

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Maple Peach Smash

Master Mix Cocktail

Martinez Cocktail Martini

Mephisto Martini

Merry Melon Tini

Metropolitan Cocktail

Midnight Cocktail recipe

Mid Summer Martini

Millennium Martini

Mint Cooler Martini


Moonlight Martini

Moscow in Mexico

Moulin Rouge

Mulled Cosmopolitan

Neon Ghost Martini

Nice Communist

Octopus's Garden

Old Flame recipe

Ooooh La La

Oopsi Daisey Cocktail

Orange Breeze

Pall Mall

Palm House Martini

Pear and Berry Martini

Pear Flower Cocktail

Pears Garden

Peartini Cocktail

Pecker Head

Perfect Lemon Drop Martini

Perfect Manhattan

Perfect Number 16

Perfect Rob Roy

Piedmont Peach Cocktail

Pineapple and Fennal Martini

Pineapple Spice Cocktail

Pineapple upside down Cake

Pine Basil Martini

Pink Fingers recipe

Pink Lady

Pink Squirrel

Purple Haze

Purple Turban Cocktail

Raspberry Wisp Cocktail

Red Currant and Rose Martini

Red Lion

Red Snapper

Rob Roy

Rose Martini

Saffron and Cinnamon Daisey

Samantha Martini

Satan's Whiskers


Scarlet O'Hara

Scarlet Pimpernel Cocktail

September morn Cocktail

Sex On The Horizon

Sex with an Alligator

Sex With An Alligator #2

Skyy Appletini Martini

Skyy Balboa Cafe Martini

Skyy Blue Mountain

Skyy Brass Monkey

Skyy Campari Cosmo

Skyy Chocolate Citrus

Skyy Citrus Margarita

Skyy Classic Gimlet

Skyy Cosmo

Skyy Cosmopolitan

Skyy Crantini

Skyy Dirty Martini

Skyy Espresso Martini

Skyy French Martini

Skyy Fuzzy Martini

Skyy Glamorous Martini

Skyy Hollywood Babylon

Skyy Melontini

Skyy Merry Martini

Skyy Mudslide

Skyy Negroni

Skyy Nutcracker's Dream

Skyy Palm Beach Sunset

Skyy Party Favor

Skyy Perfect Martini

Skyy Pineapple Daiquiri

Skyy Pink Baby

Skyy Pink Lemonade

Skyy Pink Martini

Skyy Premier

Skyy Red

Skyy Red Zombie

Skyy Riviera Rendezvous

Skyy Rocket

Skyy Ruby

Skyy Ruby Red

Skyy Rudolph the Rubytini

Skyy Russian

Skyy Saketini

Skyy Sex in the City

Skyy Shamrock Smoothie

Skyy Shark

Skyy Sling

Skyy Spicy Hamilton

Skyy starlight Room Martini

Skyy Sunrise

Skyy Sweet Maria

Skyy Tiramisu

Skyy Ultimate Martini

Skyy Watermelon Martini

Skyy White Russian Martini

Skyy Winter White Cosmo

Skyy Woo Woo Martini

Silver Cloud Martini

Smirnoff Classic Martini

Smirnoff Cosmopolitan

Smirnoff Green Apple Martini

Smirnoff Lemon Drop Martini

Smirnoff Pomegranate Martini

Shark Fucker

Side Car

Southern Comfort manhattan

Spatini Cocktail

Spiced Pumpkin Martini

St.Patricks Day Cocktail

Strawberry Martini

Strega Sun Witch


Summer Crush Cocktail

Summer Garden Cocktail

Sunshine Cocktail

Sweet Memories

The Perfect Gentleman

T N T Cocktail

Tamarindotini Martini

Tokyo Rose Martini

Trilby Cocktail

Tropical Cocktail

Tropical (crime of) Passion

Turf Cocktail

Unforgettable Night

Urban Cowboy

Vanderbilt Cocktail

Vanilia Sensation

Vanilla Jack

Vanilla Jesus

Vermouth Cocktail

Vicious Sid

Vodka Martini

Ward Eight

Washington Apple

Washington Cocktail

Water of Life

Watermelon Martini

Whiskey Cocktail

Whiskey Swizzle

White Lion Cocktail

White Tie and Tiara

Wild Turkey Manhattan

Yale Cocktail

Yellow Parrot recipe

Martini Recipes today are more diverse than the Vodka Martini and Gin Martini that once dominated the Cocktail scene. Todays Martini Recipes tend to use more flavors. By adding sweet liqueurs like Chambord, Apple Pucker, Peach schnapps and a plethora of others plus herbs, juices and mixers, we have created an unendable list of Martini Recipes that you can browse through.

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Some Popular Martinis

Apple Martini

The Apple Martini also called the Apple-tini is a sour apple flavored Martini. This cocktail is very easy to mix. It is just vodka and Apple Pucker schnapps. To adjust the alcohol content in an Apple Martini just change the ratio of vodka to Apple pucker.

Butterscotch Lifesaver

The Butterscotch Lifesaver Cocktail with Malibu Rum is a Martini that taste just like a butterscotch lifesaver candy. The key to this one is to not overpour the butterscotch Schnapps.

Chocolate Cake Martini

The Chocolate Cake Martini is a sweet martini that taste like chocolate cake. You can rim the cocktail glass with sugar for an impressive presentation.


The Cosmopolitan cocktail has enjoyed a surge in popularity. The Cosmopolitan is one of the top trendy cocktails today. For a top shelf cosmo use Grey Goose Vodka and Grand marnier or Cointreau in place of the triple sec and fresh lime in place of the lime juice


The Gibson Martini uses a cocktail onion in place of the olive normally found in a martini. This is one of the classic cocktails that has been around for a long time.


The Gimlet Martini is a Vodka based cocktail with Roses lime juice for flavor, This cocktail can be made with fresh limes for a better flavor. If you use fresh limes you will need to add a sweetener to replace the sugar in the roses lime juice.

Grass Hopper

The Grasshopper Cocktail is a Chocolate and mint flavored cocktail with a cream base. we use green creme de menthe and white creme de cacao to get this color.

International Stinger

The International Stinger Cocktail is a exotic version of the traditional stinger. In the International Stinger we use Metaxa and Galliano, very smooth

Washington Apple

The Washington Apple martini is a blend of Crown Royal, Apple pucker, and Cranberry juice. The flavors mix together so well. The Washington Apple Martini tastes exactly like a red apple.

Jack Rose

The Jack Rose Cocktail is a classic cocktail that has stood the test of time. We use AppleJack in this cocktial. The Jack Rose is the first version of the Apple martini Cocktail Recipe.

Lemon Drop Martini

The Lemon Drop Martini is one of the new trendy drinks that has gained popularity among the younger crowds. The Lemon drop Martini with Lemon vodka and sugar rimmed glass presents itself wonderfully, and the taste is also impressive.


The Manhattan Cocktail is a Bourbon based Martini with sweet vormouth for a flavoring and a chrry in the bottom is traditional. Don't be shy with the sweet vermouth it is an important factor in this cocktail.


The Martini is the classic cocktail. strong and pure. The original is made with gin. The most popular these days are sporting a Vodka Base.

Pink Lady

The Pink Lady Cocktail is a Gin based cocktail flavored with grenadine and cream.

Pink Squirrel

The Pink Squirrel Cocktail is one of the few cocktails that actually call for creme de noyaux. make sure the creme de noyaux is the red and not clear one. Otherwise your pink squirrel won't be so pink.

Rob Roy

The Rob Roy Manhattan is a Scotch based Manhattan. We add the sweet vermouth in this one and shake all the ingredients. This is similar to the classic manhattan except we use scotch instead of bourbon.

Shark Fucker

The Shark Fucker Cocktail is a Layered drink that looks very impessive and tastes great as well. Midori and pineapple juice form the base for this cocktail. Chambord sinks to the bottom and Jagermeister floats on the top.

What is a Dry Martini?

What makes a Martini dry is the amount of Dry Vermouth that is used in the Martini Recipe. The less vermouth you use, the drier the Martini.

What is a Dirty Martini?

A Dirty Martini is the addition of the brine from the jar of olives to your Vodka Martini or Gin Martini. This is not olive juice or vinigar it is the salt solution that the olives are packed in. There are mixes available for purchace if you don't like to strain the brine from the olive jar, Dirty Sue is one of them.

Dry- means less vermouth

Dirty- means olive juice

Perfect- means dry and sweet vermouth

Up- means chilled and strain out the ice

over/on the rocks- means with ice.