Surefire Way to Impress Guest

Impress you guest with service

When a customer comes into your bar, they want to be known by the bartender.  What is my usual drink, where do I like to sit, what is my name. are you a social person or a private person, do I match you up with other patrons for good conversation or connections to other people who share your interest.  Do I pull you into conversations.  These are some of the things great bartenders know about their customers, it’s not a trick, it’s just paying attention.

BartenderHow about this…keep your bar clean!  what does it say to your customer when the bar has a spill or full ashtray or just plain messy.  It tells them that you don’t care!  People come to your bar and buy drinks for 5 times what they can drink at home for. They need a reason to justify spending money at your bar. Don’t send them away by not caring enough to keep the bar clean.

This one is tricky; anticipating what a customer wants, and it must balance with what they don’t want. For example, a person may not want you to keep asking if they want another drink….when they slide the glass forward, (or out it in the rail), well, then they want another drink. Note who those people are and everyone else in the bar gets asked over and over is there anything you need, or can I help you, do you need a drink. Asking questions is usually the best way to give great service.

Any monkey can make a drink.  Anyone can stare down into the glass as they are pouring a drink counting out the booze one-two-three.  While making your customer’s drink, in those few seconds, you normally have their full attention. This is an opportunity to talk, entertain them, something. There are bartenders who have great flash, appeal and flair. The rest of us must use the little tricks we learn along the way, “go to lines” “one liner” jokes. It’s all entertainment, give the people what they want.

Last but should be First is “Know what you are doing!!!!! Bartenders, please this is so important. Know how to mix cocktails, know what equipment and tools you need and how to use them, know what all of the different alcohols are, what they taste like and what they mix well with.  Many bartenders forget the KNOWLEDGE part of being a bartender.

Okay, do all of this and you are on your way to becoming somebody’s, “My Favorite Bartender”

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Expands the Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority expands the Convention Center

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors authority (LVCVA) is responsible for strengthening the tourism and Convention business in Las Vegas. The LVCVA’s mission has been to promote and attract new Tourism and business travel to Las Vegas.

lasvegasconventioncenterIn 1959 Construction was completed on the Convention Center and the LVCVA had a plan to bring people to Las Vegas during the weekdays.  The LVCVA Continues to bring visitors for leisure  and for business conventions.


In the latest Move by LVCVA, they bought the Riviera Hotel and Casino In February for a Whopping $182.5 Million. The LVCVA expects to spend another $2.3 billion building on the new property all the way out to Las Vegas Blvd.(the strip).  The Riviera hotel and Casino sat on 26 acres of prime real estate which will cost an additional $42 million to raze.

r3*a side note: the Riviera Sign now hangs in the bone yard, a working part of the Neon Museum. Young Electric Sign Company (yesco) has repaired the Riviera sign and visitors to the bone yard, Neon Museum can view the sign.

LVCVA has voted to raze the 26 acres of property and use as open lot for conventions until monies can be raised to build an expanded new convention space that reaches the strip.

The demolition will probably be by Implosion. No plans have been made yet.


The Riviera Sign on its way to the Neon Museum.

The Riviera Sign on its way to the Neon Museum.


The Riviera, great memories…..

Riviera Hotel and Casino

Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, Nevada

Riviera Hotel and Casino View from the air.

Las Vegas Strip. Riviera Hotel and Casino

Pool at the Riviera Hotel and Casino las Vegas, Nevada

Pool at the Riviera Hotel and Casino las Vegas, Nevada

Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Riviera Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada


My top 10 Cocktails(after we exclude the “drinks a monkey could make”)

When I’m behind the bar mixing cocktails I am serving, Jack and Coke, Vodka Cran, Crown and 7, Vodka Soda, Rum Coke.  When someone wants a cocktail, 90% of the time it’s one of those drinks or the typical “one alcohol / one mixer deal”. (sorry I forgot Gin and Tonic, Screwdriver, and captain and Coke).

I call these cocktails, “the drinks even a monkey can make”.  The reason we mae these cocktails is because they are time tesed and good, but now I want to talk about the other 10% of the cocktails that we are asked to make…….think about it……..think a little more………

My top 10 Cocktails(after we exclude the “drinks a monkey could make”)


Cazadores 5 Gallon MargaritaMargarita
When I mix a margarita, I like to ask if they like it sweet, that will tell me how much triple sec to put in.  I also like to put in two juicy lime wedges, (squeezed, because the juice from the lime is important to the flavor)








long-island-iced-teaLong Island Iced Tea
One pet peeve of mine is, I hate tequila in my Long Islands.  Aside from that, a Juicy Lemon wedge, (Again Squeezed) because The Juice is Important to help to bond all of the ingredients together. -Long Island, Long Beach, Adios Mother, electric Iced Tea, Tokyo Tea…….






Really, there are only two ways to make this drink…..with fresh squeezed juice or with bottled/canned Juice. the only other thing I would do on this one is use as many styles of rum like; silver rum, aged rum, spiced rum, dark rum, 151 rum.  *very Important thing abou the rum even though you’re using many different rums, don’t go more than 1 part alcohol and 3 parts juice. also grenadine will mask the presence of alcohol.




mai-taiMai Tai
The same rules apply to this one about fresh juice. now the major difference between the mai Tai and the Hurricane, when I make them is; I use more Pineapple Juice in the mix and I also add Amaretto,(Orgeat Syrup is best but the bars I work for don’t usually carry it).  and I also finish off the cocktail with a float of dark Rum.




sex-on-the-beach-1Sex on the Beach
The Sex on the Beach has many different recipes, but the one that is standardized in Vegas is; Vodka, Peach, Orange juice and Cranberry juice.(there is no possible way to mess this on up!!!!!!!





There are a million ways to screw this one up!  Don’t use any pre-mixers. Here’s what I do; I take the Rum, Simple syrup, mint Leaves, one whole lime,(just the juice not the fruit), and I add all of this to a tin shaker.  With My Muddle I push down on the mint leaves, with pressure and slowly twist, (My goal is to release the oils from the mint leaves. You don’t need to destroy them).  I then add little Ice and shake the mixture.
There are two directions we can go from here.  One is to strain out the ice and pour the mixture into a waiting glass of fresh ice ( in this case crushed ice because your mixture is already chilled and won’t melt the crushed ice fast) The second method is to dump the whole thing in a glass and fill the rest of the glass fresh ice.  Now the next thing I do is fill the glass with club soda while stirring gently, yes gently or there will not be any bubbles in your finished drink.  Garnish with lime and whole mint leaves.


blue-hawaiianBlue Hawaiian
If you can squeeze fresh pineapple juice for this one, this drink will be amazing.  Use Silver rum,  other rums like spiced or dark rum will overpower the flavor balance.  Two Important things to consider here, and they deal more with appearance are; make sure you use a quality Blue Curacao, otherwise your drink may not be blue enough(slightly greenish) second is your garnish. Pineapple wedge, cherry , and an umbrella. I you’re gonna make a Blue Hawaiian, then MAKE IT RIGHT!





washington-appleWashington Apple
Easy Peezy, Just make sure your ratio is good.  1 ounce Crown Royal, 1 ounce Apple Pucker, 2 ounces Cranberry.  For shots Just strain it into shot glasses or rocks glasses for bigger shots/shooters





Pina Colada
Fresh, Fresh, Fresh. Use fresh ingredients (Fresh Squeezed Pineapple) or this will be typical at best. I do use sweetened coconut milk.  Another twist is coconut flavored rum, the downside is that coconut rum like Malibu or Parrot Bay are low in Alcohol, (about Half) Garnish on this one is important Pineapple slice and a Cherry.



10.  ????     What did I miss?
Tell me what else should be included, and also, how you make it special.


4th of July 2014 (Cocktails) and a (little inspiration)


Well, It’s the 4th of July again. We made it through another year!  We have plenty to be happy about.  Our US soccer team made it to the round of 16. The word recession is finally fading from our memories as the real estate market normalizes, Jobs are not as hard to get, people are more able to make money again.  It’s been a rough road for a lots of folks.

Things are looking up!  This weekend coming is our time to think of all our sacrifices and hard battles we fought to get where we are today.  Let’s all celebrate our strength, our willingness to survive.  Get the family together, rekindle and bond, that’s why we fight so hard in the first place.

Picnic, BBQ, Food, Cocktails, Fireworks…  my 4th is covered how about yours?

Check out our 4th of July cocktails recipe page for drink ideas, some of these can even be made without alcohol. Enjoy your 4th

Yankee Doodle Dandy 4th of July Recipe

Yankee Doodle Dandy 4th of July Recipe






How to make a Cosmopolitan Martini

The Cosmopolitan Martini became an instant classic the day it was first made. Martinis were mostly straight spirits with very little mix, vodka or gin with a splash of dry vermouth. Although great as the are there is room for something more drinkable and smooth, hence the creation of the Cosmopolitan. Once the Cosmo got a foothold in the market other flavors of Martinis started to become popular as well. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.



How to Make a Long Beach Iced Tea

This is a Video of the making of a Long Beach iced Tea, which is in the family of the long Island Iced Tea. also in this group are the…..

Long Island Iced Tea
Long Beach Iced Tea
Adios Mother
Electric Iced Tea
Texas Tea
Tokyo Tea and the
Grateful dead

All of the Drinks vary slightly from the original “Long Island”

How to Make a Mind Eraser Cocktail

The Mind Eraser Cocktail is layered over ice, which is a little unusual.  Most layered drinks do not have ice and have very clear separation between the ingredients.  This drink however, is layered over ice and when you drink it you will use a large straw and suck from the very bottom. 1st getting the Kahlua, then the Vodka and the finally the club soda.  this is fun to drink with two people in the same glass.

The Mind Eraser Cocktail

How to make a Sex on the Beach Cocktail

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is so popular, mostly because of it’s name.  Sex on the Beach certainly gathers some attention at the mere utterance of it’s namesake.  There is more to this cocktail than a catchy title, people enjoy the very peach essence that comes through and how smooth and drinkable it is.