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Skyy Vodka

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SKYY Vodka is a premium vodka from the United States. Developed by entrepreneur and inventor Maurice Kanbar, who has over 30 patents behind them, primarily hospital and surgical equipment. Maurice was vexed that his favorite drink, Vodka Martini, always made him depressed the next day, whether he had only enjoyed one or more glass. With help from his friends in the pharmaceutical industry he made his way to that it was the so-called "congeners" that caused the headache (besides fluid gap) and found a 4-step distillation process and the 3 stage filtration process that just gave him the purest vodka at all - SKYY Vodka. The hallmark of SKYY Vodka is an exceptionally clean, fresh and soft taste. Since there is an Ultra Premium Vodka with an incredible purity, SKYY Vodka is the perfect mixer for a wide range of world-renowned, classic drinks and cocktails We recommend a Vodka Martini or Cosmopolitan served in a cocktail glass.

Recipes with Skyy Vodka
A Berry Pineapple Lei
Bird of Paradise
Blazin' Dragon
Blood Orange Spice
Blood Orange Tea
Bloody Mai Tai
Blonde Ambition
Call Me Ginger
Campari Passion
Candy Cane Swirl
Candy Corn Cocktail
Cherries and Rye
Cherry Coke
Cherry Red
Cherry Slide Shot
Cielo Roso Martini
Citrus Collins
Concord Flip
Dragon and Ginger Ale
Dragon Boost
Dragon Cooler
Dragon Cosmo
Dragon's Cup
Dragon Heart
Dragon Lady
Dragon Slayer
Fat Tuesday Iced Tea
Fireworks Fizz
Freezy Pop Shot
Ghostly Coolada
Ghostly Skyy Cocktail
Ginger Blast
Ginger Goddess
Ginger Lemonade
Ginger Lemon Drop
Glamour Gal
Grape Ginger Swizzle
Grapefruit Ginger Fizz
Green Bay Breeze
Green Dragon
Hula Dancer's Delight
Jungle Sour
Legend of the Dragon
Lucky Mule
Mardi Grape
Maracuja Melange
Orange and Soda
Orange Breeze
Orange Cola
Orange Crush
Orange Salty Dog
Orange Screwdriver
Passion Paradox Tea
Passion Play
Pineapple Skyy Tai
Pineapple Spice Cocktail
Pineapple Sunrise
Pink Fussion
Pink Passion
Pink Wink
Pittsburgh Punch
Pog Punch
Red Rooster
Red Zombie
Rosemary Lemon Fizz
Samantha Martini
Skyy All-American Blue
Skyy Appletini Martini
Skyy Balboa Cafe Martini
Skyy Balsamic Bloody Mary
Skyy Bellagio Cocktail
Skyy Blood Orange
Skyy Blood Orange Cider
Skyy Bloody Maria
Skyy Bloody Mary
Skyy Blue Mountain
Skyy Brass Monkey
Skyy Campari Cosmo
Skyy Castaway
Skyy Cherry Cosmo
Skyy Chocolate Chip
Skyy Chocolate Citrus
Skyy Citrus Margarita
Skyy Classic Gimlet
Skyy Copperhead
Skyy Cosmo
Skyy Cosmopolitan
Skyy Crantini
Skyy Daisey
Skyy Dirty Martini
Skyy Espresso Martini
Skyy Fizz
Skyy's Frankly Mary, I don't give a Damn!
Skyy French Martini
Skyy Fuzzy Martini
Skyy Glamorous Martini
Skyy Harvey Wallbanger
Skyy Heavenly Yours
Skyy Hollywood Babylon
Skyy Infusions Cherry Patriot
Skyy Infusions Citrus Madras
Skyy Infusions Midnight Kiss
Skyy Infusions Vampire Blood
Skyy Infusions Witches Punch
Skyy Infusions Yankee Doodle
Skyy Long Island Iced Tea
Skyy Love Potion #9
Skyy Melontini
Skyy Merry Martini
Skyy Mudslide
Skyy Negroni
Skyy New Year's Eve
Skyy Nutcracker's Dream
Skyy Palm Beach Sunset
Skyy Party Favor
Skyy Passionate Martini
Skyy Passionfruit Margarita
Skyy Perfect Martini
Skyy Pineapple Daiquiri
Skyy Pineapple Lemonade
Skyy Pineapple Pog Punch
Skyy Pink Baby
Skyy Pink Lemonade
Skyy Pink Martini
Skyy Premier
Skyyy Proud Mary
Skyy Red
Skyy Red Rooster
Skyy Red Zombie
Skyy Refresher
Skyy Rickey
Skyy Ring in the New Year
Skyy Riviera Rendezvous
Skyy Rocket
Skyy Royal Hawaiian
Skyy Royale
Skyy Ruby
Skyy Ruby Red
Skyy Rudolph the Rubytini
Skyy Russian
Skyy Saketini
Skyy Season's Greetings
Skyy Serial Lover
Skyy Sex in the Citrus
Skyy Sex in the City
Skyy Sexy Melon
Skyy Shamrock Smoothie
Skyy Shark
Skyy Slide
Skyy Sling
Skyy Snowflake
Skyy Spa Martini
Skyy Spicy Bloody Mary
Skyy Spicy Hamilton
Skyy Splash
Skyy starlight Room Martini
Skyy Straight up Martini
Skyy Sunrise
Skyy Sweet Maria
Skyy Time Machine
Skyy Tiramisu
Skyy Ultimate Kiss
Skyy Ultimate Martini
Skyy Violet
Skyy Vodka and Coke
Skyy Watermelon Martini
Skyy White Christmas
Skyy White Russian
Skyy White Russian Martini
Skyy Wilde Ginger
Skyy Winter Solstice
Skyy Winter White Cosmo
Skyy Woo Woo Martini
Sole Toscano
Spiced Raspberry Highball
Spider's Kiss
Surfers Cove
Tiko Jito
Toasted Almond Colada
Tootsie Pop Shot
Tropical Dragon
Tropical (crime of) Passion
Tropical Storm
Vanilla Citrus Tea
White Cherry Quick
White Grape Soda
X-Rated Passion



Skyy Vodka
Skyy Cherry Vodka
Skyy Citrus Vodka
Skyy Ginger Vodka
Skyy grape Vodka
Skyy Passionfruit Vodka
Skyy Pineapple Vodka
Skyy Raspberry Vodka
Skyy Vanilla Vodka
Skyy Blood Orange Vodka
Skyy Dragon Fruit Vodka

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