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Midori Melon Liqueur

Midori Melon Liqueur Recipes

Midori melon liqueur is a bright green liqueur, that has a sweet melon flavor. Midori is a great additive to many cocktails and offers up its nice green hue to the cocktails that it is mixed with. . The flavor of Midori is also unique. It is that of a very sweet melon - although I would not peg it to a specific type of melon, but more of a mix. This distinct flavor profile is often used in cocktails to highlight other fruits. Because of its flavor mixing versatility and the desire for its color in cocktails, I would consider Midori an essential for a well-stocked bar.
Midori is produced by Suntory, a popular Japanese brewer and distiller. It was launched in 1978 and in 1987 production began in Mexico, where it is still produced. The name "midori" comes from the Japanese word for "green"

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Midori is a bright green melon liquor flavored after that of a honeydew melon, although the liquor itself is brighter than the actual melon. Today you can find Midori in over 30 different countries and it tends to be favored by younger drinkers.

In 1981 Midori exceeded 100,000 cases worldwide and eventually production was moved to Mexico and sales continued. In 2001, sales figures exceeded 250,000 for this sweet crazy green liquid and I doubt it’s on any type of decline.

I’m not sure if anyone dares drink Midori by itself, using it as a core mixing ingredient for a Midori Margarita, Midori Sour, Melonball.. You can look for midori to be super sweet, almost like guzzling an Orgeat Syrup, Grenadine or something similar but with an actual alcoholic punch (21% alcohol by volume).

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