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DeKuyper Pucker


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Dekuyper Pucker

Dekuyper Pucker family of Sour fruit schnapps, the most popular pucker schnapps is the Sour Apple Pucker used to make the Apple Martini
does not use artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. Enjoy the clean fresh taste of Dekuyper Pucker Schnapps.


Sour Apple Pucker

DeKuyper Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps. The Sour Apple is the most popular in the Pucker family of schnapps. Sour Apple Pucker is used in the Appletini, Apple Martini,Washington Apple, Caramel Apple. We are finding new ways to use Sour Apple everyday it seems. Try one of these recipes we've listed here.

Dekuyper Pucker Sour Apple Schnapps





SA *Sour Apple Pucker
SA 420 Cocktail
SA Absolut Apple
SA Absolut Confusion
SA Apple Beer
SA Apple Berry Pucker
SA Apple Creek Martini
SA Apple Crush
SA Apple Daiquiri
SA Apple Manhattan
SA Apple Martini
SA Apple Mistletoe Tini
SA Apple Pie
SA Apple Pina Colada
SA Apple Pucker Fucker
SA Apple Puckerita
SA Apple Sour
SA Apple Spazz
SA Appleade
SA Appletini
SA Candy Apple
SA Captain Morgan's Steamy Applecolada
SA Caramel Apple Shot
SA Caramel Appletini
SA Cran Appletini
SA Crazy Jew Cocktail
SA Fat Bastard Shot
SA Forbidden Fruit
SA Fresh Pict Pucker
SA Fruit Salad Slammer
SA Gator Bite
SA Gin Apple Tonic
SA Green Dragon
SA Green Dublin Apple Cocktail
SA Hot Apple Pie
SA Hot Apple Toddy
SA Italian Apple Coffee
SA Jollee Rancher
SA Juiced Apple
SA La Pussy
SA Mama's Pucker
SA Motor Oil Shooter #2
SA Newton's Cocktail
SA Pelvic Crusher
SA Pucker Fucker
SA Rose Martini
SA Screaming Cranapple
SA Screwy Apples
SA Skyy Appletini Martini
SA Sour Apple Drop
SA Sour Apple Fizz
SA Sour Apple Highball
SA Sour Apple Madras
SA Sour Apple Mojito
SA Sour Apple Popsicle
SA Sparkling Appletini
SA Tennessee Apple
SA The Grappler
SA Tropical Apple Punch
SA Vanilia Sensation
SA Vanilla Apples
SA Washington Apple
SA Watermelon Pucker

Berry Fusion Pucker

DeKuyper Berry Fusion Schnapps has a tart Berry flavor, add the Berry Fusion Schnapps to your favorite cocktails or try one of these great recipes.

Dekuyper Pucker Berry Fusion Schnapps

BF *Berry Fusion Pucker
BF Berry A'Peeling
BF Berry Fizz
BF Berry Fusion Minitini
BF Bit O Berry Rita
BF Blushing Berrytini
BF Boo Berry Scream
BF Indigo-Go Martini
BF Muddled Berry Fizz
BF Pucker Up on the Beach
BF Sweet Talkertini
BF Wild Berry Mojito

Cherry Pucker

Use the tart sour cherry flavor in anything you want to create an added dimention to. Al of the Pucker flavors mix well with rum and Vodka. Try out one of these tried and true recipe that we've listed for you.

Dekuyper Pucker Cherry Schnapps

C *Cherry Pucker
C Apple Berry Pucker
C Banana Split
C Canadian Cherry Cola
C Cherry Blossom
C Cherry Chill
C Cherry Cola
C Cherry Margarita
C Cherry Vanilla Pop
C Frozen Spiced Cherry Colada
C Fruit Salad Slammer
C Nuts and Cherries
C Slutty Redhead
C Sour Cherry Fizz

Grape Pucker

The DeKuyper Grape Pucker Schnapps, a little sweeter than the other schnapps in the Pucker family. The Grape Pucker lends a nice Purple Hue to cocktails that it is mixed into along with it's Grape essence flavors. The less color the cocktail, the more the purple will influence the final color of the drink.

Dekuyper Pucker Grape Schnapps

G *Grape Pucker
G Berry Grape
G Cran Grape
G Double Razz Grape Martini
G Fruit Salad Slammer
G Grape Ade
G Grape Crush
G Grape Fizz
G Grape Juice
G Grape Vanilla Pop
G Purple Haze #2
G Purple People Eater
G The Grappler
G Tropical Grape

Island Punch Pucker

The DeKuyper Island Punch Pucker is a sweet tropical punch flavored Schnapps. Use this for a lighter tasting Blue Hawaiian or with a splash of Cranberry Juice to make something purple. check out some of the recipes we have listed here for you.

Dekuyper Pucker Island Punch schnapps

IP *Island Punch Pucker
IP Aquatini
IP Azul Lemonade
IP Blue Banana
IP Blue Hooter
IP Blue Martini #1
IP Blue Mountain Punch
IP Blue Razzmatazz
IP Blue Velvet
IP Blue Zero
IP Cactus Blue
IP Desert Island
IP Lickin' Lizard
IP Patriotic Margarita
IP Pecker Head
IP Pucker Patriotic Salute
IP Purple Mother
IP Purple Passion 2
IP Purple Turban Cocktail

Peach Pucker

The DeKuyper Pucker Peach Schnapps has a very tart flavor and you must use this one carefully. The Pucker Peach Schnapps will mix well with drinks that are a bit on the sweet side or as a slight peach element to a chilled Shooter. Try one of the listed recipes here.

dekuyper Pucker Peach Schnapps

P *Peach Pucker
P All American
P Fresh Pict Pucker
P Fruit Splash Cocktail
P Fuzz Pucker
P Hawaiian Punch
P Melon Citrus Cooler
P Peach Fizz
P Peach Tart
P Peachy Keen


Raspberry Pucker

The DeKuyper Pucker Raspberry Schnapps is very tart and is can lend its fresh raspberry flavor to many of the cocktails that you already enjoy. Try one of our recipes we've listed here.

Dekuyper Pucker Raspberry Schnapps

R *Raspberry Pucker
R A Kiss Goodnight
R Berry Grape
R Bit O Berry Rita
R Blue Razzmatazz
R Fruit Splash Cocktail
R Melon Citrus Cooler
R Patriotic Margarita
R Pineapple Crush
R Pucker G and T
R Raspberry Cocoa
R Raspberry Cola
R Raspberry Creamsicle
R Raspberry Kamikaze
R Raspberry Truffle

Strawberry Pucker

DeKuyper Pucker Strawberry Schnapps is a great addition to the Pucker line of Schnapps, not as tart as some of the others but packed with strawberry flavor. The Strawberry Pucker Schnapps can be used alone, chilled or mixed with most anything. Check out these great Strawberry Pucker recipes.

Dekuyper Pucker Strawberry Schnapps

S *Strawberry Pucker
S Juicy Screw
S Pink Velvet
S Red Roxy
S Santa Being Tazed in a German Gay Night Club
S Strawberry Highball
S Strawberry Margarita
S Strawberry Mojito
S Strawberry Rum
S Strawberry Screw-Dagger
S Strawberry Tease Martini
S Strawberry Temple

Watermelon Pucker

DeKuyper Pucker Watermelon. This is one of my favorites. Watermelon Pucker mixed with vodka and juice is so very smooth. The watermelon flavor seems to take the edge off of everything you mix it with, Experiment for yourself, or try one of the tried and tested recipes that we have listed here for you.

Dekuyper Pucker Watermelon Schnapps

W *Watermelon Pucker
W Blue Hooter
W Frozen Melon Madness
W Fruit Splash Cocktail
W Fuzz Ball
W Mandarin Sunset
W Melon Citrus Cooler
W Melon Creek Martini
W Melon Madness
W Pacific Rim
W Peach Tart
W Red Melon Apple Punch
W Rose Martini
W Southern Hospitality
W Waterbaby
W Watermelon Margarita
W Watermelon Mojito
W Watermelon Pucker
W Watermelon Sunrise
W Wet Kiss
W Woody Melon