Bacardi Flavored Rum

Bacardi Flavored Rum Recipes


Bacardi Big Apple

BACARDI® BIG APPLE™ is big with flavour of crisp, mouth-watering apples. A barrelful of the best, juciest apples including Fuji, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith varieties are combined with premium BACARDI rum to create a bold taste with real bite.

Apple and Ginger Ale
Apple and Sour Mix

Bacardi Black Razz

BACARDI® BLACK RAZZ™ features our juiciest raspberry flavor yet, and enhances it with a hint of black sapote, a fruit that hails from Mexico and has a mild chocolate-like taste.

Black Razz and Lemon Lime Soda



Bacardi Coconut

Named after the Spanish word for coconut, BACARDI® COCONUT™ is a carefully crafted product that infuses BACARDI rum to the essence of real coconut.

Coconut and Pineapple
Dragon's Bite

Bacardi Dragon Berry

From the start, Dragon Berry became famous for its taste – an Asian-inspired infusion of ripe strawberries and exotic dragonfruit. This combination creates a memorable drink, no matter what you order. Try it mixed with ginger ale, lemon-lime soda or straight up as a shot drink.

Citrus Flying Dragon
Cotton Candy
Dragon's Bite
Enter the Dragon

Bacardi Grand Melon

BACARDI® GRAND MELÓN™ has the ripe, full flavor and aroma of fresh, juicy watermelon. The essences of real watermelons are combined with smooth BACARDI rum for fresh watermelon flavor in every sip.

Grand Melon and Cranberry

Bacardi Limon

Named after the spanish word for lemon, BACARDI Limón is a carefully crafted product that infuses BACARDI rum to the essence of the royal family of citrus fruits: the lemon, the lime and grapefruit.

Bacardi Limon and Coke
Bacardi Limon and Iced Tea
Bacardi Limon Mojito
Booty Call 101
Limon and Iced Tea
Limon and Sprite
Limon and tonic
South Beach
Vampire Juice

Bacardi O

BACARDI® O™ is a carefully crafted product that infuses BACARDI rum with the essence of Mandarin Oranges from Sicily, Valencia Oranges from Florida and Dancy Tangerines from Brazil, Israel and Florida.

Bacardi O and Orange
Serious Rum Travel



Bacardi Peach Red

BACARDI® PEACH RED™ brings fresh peach flavor to the heart of any cocktail. Sweet nectar from juicy California Freestone Peaches are infused with smooth BACARDI® rum for the perfect taste of peach.

Bacardi Peach Red and Iced Tea

Bacardi Razz

BACARDI® RAZZ™ is a carefully crafted product that infuses BACARDI® rum to the essence of dark and sweet Marion berries and slightly tart red raspberries.

Bacardi Razz Mojito
Razz and Soda Club
Razz and Sprite Cocktail


Bacardi Wolf Berry

BACARDI® WOLF BERRY™ gets its unique flavor from infusing the juiciest blueberries with the subtle, sour sweetness of wolfberries, making for a sweet taste and tart bite.


Lime Wolf

Wolfberry Mojito

Bacardi Rock Coconut

BACARDI® ROCK COCONUT™ is an intense infusion of exotic coconut and nutrient-rich coconut water that has a deliciously unique flavor unlike anything else.


Bacardi Torched Cherry

BACARDI® TORCHED CHERRY™ combines the rich, bold taste of Barbados Cherries with a light, smooth infusion of torched Plant Aloe. This unique flavor brings an exotic new twist to martinis, tonic, citrus soda or juices.