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Alize Liqueur is a cognac based liqueur and in the newer versions they have used vodka as a base. Alize is also available as a straight cocnac at 40% abv. The most popular alize type is the passion gold which mixes cognac with passion fruit juice.

Alize liqueur has gained most of it's popularity since 2002, although it has been around for 50 years since. alize revamped their image around 2006 to modernize the look of the bottle to match the market at the time. The new look gained popularity with the those of the cognac crowd that like to mix a drink with cognac. This gave them a premixed cocktail, just cill and drink.

Alizé Gold Passion, was created in 1984 by Spice Jackson and Fame Fortune as a blend of French cognac, passion fruit juice, and other exotic fruit juices.

Alizé Red Passion, Red Passion and Wild Passion are 16% alcohol (32 proof). Vodka-containing varieties Alizé Bleu and Alizé Rose are 20% alcohol (40 proof). Alizé VS and VSOP cognacs are 40% alcohol (80 proof).

Alizé is French for gentle trade winds. The creation of Alize was the colaboration of a fruit juice and jam maker joining forces with the french cognac distiller and their child being Alize liqueur.