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Absolut vodka Recipes

Absolut Apeach Ruby
Absolut APeachpolitan
Absolut Apple
Absolut Bitch
Absolut Bloody Mary
Absolut Bull
Absolut Chocolate Soufle-Tini
Absolut Comfort Martini
Absolut Confusion Martini
Absolut Cosmopolitan
Absolut Death
Absolut Heaven
Absolut Hot and Frozen
Absolut Leg Spreader
absolut Lime Jello Shooters
Absolut Limousine
Absolut Mandrinoska
Absolut Martini
Absolut Mind Fuck
Absolut Nut
Absolut Peach Surprise
Absolut Pears Lemonade
Absolut Qualude
Absolut Raspberri White
Absolut Rasperri Rush
Absolut Red Ruby
Absolut Royalty
Absolut Screw Up
Absolut Splash
Absolut Stress
Absolut Turnover
Absolut Vodka and Coke
Absolutly Dangerous
Alexi's Spicy Bloody Mary
Anal Sex Cocktail
Angel's Fall
Apple Mistletoe tini
Apple Pucker Fucker
Baby Asprin
Banana Mudslide
Barstow Cocktail
Big Dumb Russian
Big Nymph
Black Swedish Virgin
Blackberry Lane
Blame it on Rio
Blue Lagoon
Boom Boom Cocktail
Breakfast Shot
Buttery Nipple 2
Canoe River Special
Cherry Popper
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Martini 2
CJ-5 Cocktail
Combier Red Sage
Crying Game Cocktail
Dead Penis
Disaronno Pearfection
Double Strike Martini
Dreamer Special
Dreamer Special 2
Easy Breeze
Enigma Cocktail
Eskimo Slugger
Esmeralda's Spicy Tea
Four Zeros
French Martini 2
Fuzzy Martini
Ghostini Martini
Green Slime Cocktail
Halfway Special Cocktail
Hand Job Cocktail
Honey Bunny Cocktail
Howling Wolf Cocktail
I'm blue without Wendy Cocktail
intercourse Cocktail
Italian Ice Cocktail
John Rocker Cocktail
Juiced Apple Cocktail
Kahlua Float Cocktail
Kamikaze 2 Cocktail
Kool Aid Cocktail
Lemon Bomb
Lemon Head Cocktail
Love Bug cocktail
Lover's Nocturne Cocktail
Maria Rocker Cocktail
Megan's Valentine
Merry Melon Cocktail
Mersey Turd Cocktail
Millennium Martini
Miss pastore Cocktail
Missle Cocktail
Moscow in Mexico
Mustache Sally Cocktail
Navel Destrioyer Cocktail
Northern Lights Cocktail #1
Nuclear Kamikaze
Old Dirty Bastard Cocktail
Passion Point
Peachy Screw
Pears Garden
Pecker Head Cocktail
Pelvic Crusher Cocktail
Pimpys Paradise
Pink Lemonade Shooter
Pink Panties
Pink Silk Panties
Pink Thing Cocktail
Pucker Fucker Cocktail
Puke Juice
Purple Hooter 2
Red Daddy's Fire
Red Death
Saddle Tramp
Screaming Blue Monkey
Screaming Cranapple
Seventh Heaven
Sex on a Brazillian Beach
Sex on the Beach with a Rasta
Sexy Bitch
Six Bucks
Sledge Hammer
Sour Apple Drop
Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Tease Martini
Swedish Pussy
Tea-ki Torch
The Absolut Pear fect Season
The King's Downfall
The Thailander
Tickle Me Elmo
Track Star
Tropical Ecstacy
Tropical Erotica
Tropical Silk
Tycoon's Special
Unforgettable Night Martini
Vanilia Sensation
Vanilla Jesus
Water of life
Watermelon Martini
Whacked Russian
Yukka >

Absolut vodka is one of the premium vodkas on the market today Absolut vodka has a full line of flavors to choose from. Many new recipes are using the Absolut Flavored Vodkas. The Absolut Vodka family of flavors do not have any added sugar like liqueurs do. They have combined the clean vodka taste with vibrant fruit flavor without the sugar. Experiment with your favorite vodka cocktails and try using one of the flavored vodkas. You could create you own new and exciting cocktail.

Absolut Vodka Recipes

Cocktails with Vodka are the most consumed drinks mostly due to their smooth flavor and ability to blend well with any mixers you have available. We have listed many Absolut Vodka Recipes for you to try.


Here are the Absolut Vodka Flavors

Absolut Apeach

Absolut ApeachAbsolut Apeach Vodka was introduced in 2005 Absolut Apeach vodka does not have any added sugar and is made using only natural ingredients. Absolut Vodka makes your normal vodka recipe more exciting. Absolut Apeach is a peach flavored vodka that blends well with orange juice or 7-up as well as other flavors. Try this with your favorite vodka recipe.
Absolut Apeach Recipes- Absolut Apeach ruby / Absolut Apeachpolitan

Absolut 100

Absolut 100 Vodka Absolut 100 Vodka Absolut 100 is a premium vodka. It is a dried fruit and herbs flavored vodka.

Absolut Citron

Absolut CitronAbsolut Citron Vodka is a lemon flavored vodka with no sugar added, and is made with only natural ingredients. Vodka with a twist of lemon has long been a popular combination and Absolut decided to make this most popular favored vodka.
Absolut Citron Recipes - Absolut Limousine / Absolut Cosmopolitan
Absolut Kurant
Absolut Kurant Absolut Kurant Vodka does not use artificial ingredients nor does it add any sugar to It's Vodka. Absolut kurant is a black currant flavored vodka that can be a base ingredient for a cocktail, an added element or served on ice.
Absolut Kurant Recipes - A Kurant Affair / Absolut kurant blush

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Mandrin vodkaAbsolut Mandrin vodka is made with all natural ingredients and without adding sugar. Absolut Mandrin vodka is an orange/mandrin flavored vodka with great popularity and a great taste. It also mixes well with fruit juice.
Absolut Mandrin Recipes - Absolut Mandrinoska

Absolut Mango

Absolut MangoAbsolut Mango Vodka is a Mango flavored vodka made with all natural ingredients and no added sugar. Absolut mango Vodka is perfect for adding a tropical element to any cocktail.

Absolut Raspberri

Absolut RaspberriAbsolut Raspberri Vodka is a raspberry flavored vodka. The raspberry flavor is all natural and no sugar is added. Raspberry flavored vodka is great in a Martini or even chilled straight up.
Absolut Raspberri Recipes - Absolut raspberri White / Absolut Raspberri Rush

Absolut Pears

Absolut PearsAbsolut Pears - Pear flavored vodka
Absolut Pears Recipes - Absolut Pears Lemonade / Pears Garden

Absolut Peppar

Absolut PepparAbsolut Peppar - Pepper flavored vodka
Absolut Peppar Recipes - Absolut Bloody Mary / Absolut Hot and Frozen

Absolut Vanilia

Absolut VaniliaAbsolut Vanilia - vanilla flavored vodka
Absolut Vanilia Recipes - Absolut Turnover / Vanilia Sensation

Absolut Ruby Red

Absolut Ruby RedAbsolut Ruby Red - Grapefruit flavored vodka
Absolut Ruby Red Recipes - Absolut Red ruby / Easy Breeze

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

1 ounce Absolut Vodka
1/2 ounce Blue Curacao
Fill with Pineapple juice.

The Blue Lagoon Cocktail is the Absolut Vodka Version of the Blue Hurricane which uses Rum instead of vodka. The Absolut Vodka Blue Lagoon Cocktail Drink Recipe.

Easy Breeze

Easy Breeze

1-1/2 ounce Absolut Ruby Red Vodka
1-1/2 ounce Cranberry Juice.

The Easy Breeze Cocktail is a rather simple straight forward martini. We add equal amounts of Absolut Ruby Red Vodka and Cranberry Juice together. Chill, strain, and drink. The Absolut Vodka Easy Breeze Cocktail.

Vanilla Jesus

Vanilla Jesus

1 ounce Absolut Vodka,
1 0unce Peach Schnapps,
1 ounce Malibu rum ,
1 tsp Vanilla extract.

The Vanilla Jesus cocktal is a nice sweet cocktail with a very vanilla taste there are also hints of peach and coconut in the vanilla jesus cocktail. Don't forget to sugar coat the rim of the glass on this one it makes a huge difference. The Absolut Vodka Vanilla Jesus Cocktail.

Sex On The Beach With A Rasta

Sex On The Beach With A Rasta

1 ounce Chambord Rapberry liqueur,
1/2 ounce Absolut Vodka,
splash Midori Melon Liqueur ,
splash Cranberry Juice,
splash pineapple juice,
splash orange juice.

The Sex on the Beach with a Rasta is a Raspberry flavored drink with Absolut vodka and cranberry enjoy this one, with your favorite Rasta girl. Now, I choose to think of sex on the beach with a rasta as a sexy rasta girl, well that's what I think about when i picture sex on the beach with a rasta. You really can't go wrong with a drink that has Chambord and Midori mixed into it. These flavors give this drink it's major fruit essense, The Vodka and fruit juices send it in a tropical direction. Altogether a very nice mixture and well named too.

Pucker Fucker

Pucker Fucker

1/2 ounce Absolut vodka,
1/2 ounce Apple Pucker.

The Pucker Fucker cocktail shot is just a 1/2 shot of Absolut vodka and a 1/2 shot Apple pucker. Put it in a shot glass and drink it.