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The F Cocktail list, every cocktail we have that begins with the letter F. Pictures and instructions for making all of our cocktails on the F list. Cocktails like Fallen Angel, Fat Bastard, Fat Tuesday, Flaming Hootchie Mama, Fog Cutter, French Connection, French Kiss, French Martini, Fruit Daiquir, Fuzzy Navel, Fuzzy Nipple. Some of these cocktails can be listed in several Cocktail Categories, Holiday Cocktail Recipes, Themed Cocktails or Cocktails listed Alpha-Numerically

"F" Cocktail List

F 14


Fall Fizz

Fallen Angel

Fallen Leaves

Falling Pears Punch

Fancy Bourbon

Fancy Brandy

Fancy Gin

Fancy Scotch

Fancy Whiskey

Farmer Giles

Farmer's Cocktail

Fat Bastard

Fat Tuesday

Fathead Jackass

Faulty Tower Sour

Feisty Blood Orange

Femme Fatale



Fig and Hibiscus Sour

Fine and Dandy Beefeater

Fine and Dandy

Fine Orange

Fire and Frost Shot

Fire and Passion

Fire Ball


Fireside Martii

Fireworks fizz

First Down Mule Punch

Five Star General

Flambeaux Mambo

Flaming Death

Flaming Hootchie Mama

Flaming Jellybean

Flaming Jellybean #2

Flaming Pumpkin



Florida 75

Florida Sex on the Beach

Floridian Martini

Floridita Oranje

Flying Tigre

Flying Scotsman

Fog Cutter

Fog Log Nog Christmas

Fontana Christmas Crantini

Forbidden Fruit

Force 12

Forest Fizz

Fontainbleau Special

Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Four Jokers

Four Zeros

Fox River


Frank Ra

Freddie Fudpucker

Freddy Kruger

Freezy Pop Shot

French 125

French 75 #2

French 75

French 95

French Connection

French Connection 2

French Daiquiri

French Hawaiian

French Kiss

French Martini 2

French Martini


Fresh Cherry

Fresh Mint

Fresh Pict Pucker

Fresh Pineapple Martini

Fresh Strawberry Martini

Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary

Fresh Watermelon

Frisky Witch Shot

From Paris with Love

Frosted Patty Shot

Frosted Tropic

Frozen Melon Madness

Frozen Southern Hurricane

Frozen Spiced Cherry Colada

Fruit Daiquir

i Fruit Fusion 2

Fruit Fusion

Fruit Salad Slammer

Fruit Splash

Fruity Slut


Funky Cold Medina

Funky Monkey

Fuzz Ball

Fuzz Pucker

Fuzzy Berry

Fuzzy Charlie

Fuzzy Fuck

Fuzzy Flamingo

Fuzzy Martini

Fuzzy Navel DeKuyper

Fuzzy Navel

Fuzzy Nipple

Fuzzy Nut