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The D Cocktail list, every cocktail we have that begins with the letter D. Pictures and instructions for making all of our cocktails on the D list. Cocktails like the Daiquiri, Daisy Special, Depth Charge, Dirty White Mother, Dirty Whore's Bath Water, Dr Pepper, and Duck Fart. Some of these cocktails can be listed in several Cocktail Categories, Holiday Cocktail Recipes, Themed Cocktails or Cocktails listed Alpha-Numerically

"D" Cocktail List


Dafne Martini


Daisy de Santiago

Daisy Special

Damascan Punch

Damn Buttery

Damn Good Cocktail

Dance With A Dream

Dark and Handsome

Dark Lord

Dark Red Bliss

Dead Bastard

Dead Bird Shooter

Dead Doctor

Dead Man's Mule

Dead Man's Mule Punch

Dead Nazi At Stalingrad Cocktail

Dead Nazi Cocktail

Dead Nazi Drink

Dead Penis

Death on Ice


Deconstructed Raspberry Mule

Deep Sea Cocktail

Deep Valley Cocktail

Delilah Cocktail

Depth Charge

Desert Island

Dessert Manhattan

Devil Cocktail

Dew Driver


Dewing the Captain

Diabolique Angelique

Dick In The Dirt

Dickens Flip

Dickie Ward

Did it My Way

Diesel Fuel Shooter

Diplomat Cocktail

Dirty Butt Whore

Dirty Butthole

Dirty Lifeguard Cocktail

Dirty Mother

Dirty White Mother

Dirty Whore's Bath Water

Dirty, Dirty Martini


Disaronno 7

Disaronno Alexander

Disaronno Almond Joy

Disaronno and Apple

Disaronno and Blueberry

Disaronno and Cherry

Disaronno and Cola

Disaronno and Cranberry

Disaronno and Ginger Ale

Disaronno and Guava

Disaronno and Lychee

Disaronno and Mango

Disaronno and Milk

Disaronno and Peach

Disaronno and Pineapple

Disaronno and Schweppes

Disaronno and Tonic

Disaronno Apple Pie

Disaronno Blue Heaven

Disaronno Bocce Ball

Disaronno Breeze

Disaronno Caipi

Disaronno Chai Tini

Disaronno Cherry

Disaronno Cocoa Chill

Disaronno Cocoban

Disaronno Colada

Disaronno Cosmo

Disaronno Espresso Shake

Disaronno Frostbite

Disaronno Ginger Grape

Disaronno Gold

Disaronno Iced Tea

Disaronno Intertwined

Disaronno Italian Kisses

Disaronno Italian Ticker

Disaronno Jazz

Disaronno Jazzy Hour

Disaronno Julia

Disaronno Latte

Disaronno Lily

Disaronno Mimosa

Disaronno Mocha Italia

Disaronno Mule

Disaronno Nutty Buddy

Disaronno Orangesicle

Disaronno Pearfection

Disaronno Rickey

Disaronno Rose

Disaronno Rye

Disaronno Sicilian Sour

Disaronno Sicily

Disaronno Sling

Disaronno Sou

r Disaronno Sparkling

Disaronno Stardust

Disaronno Style

Disaronno Summertime

Disaronno Sunrise

Disaronno Sunset

Disaronno Surfer Disaronno-tini

Disarono Portantonio

Disoronno Fizz

Disronno Ginger tini


Dixie julep

Dixie Whiskey

Dom iced Tea

Don Julio Margarita Legendario

Donald Cox


Double Razz Grape Martini

Double Strike Martini

Doubles and Pears

Down the Strech

Down Under Snowball

Dr Pepper

Dr. Bacardi

Dr. Dawson

Dr. J. Shooter

Dr. Jager 1

Dr. Jager 2

Dragon and Ginger Ale

Dragon Boost

Dragon Breath

Dragon Cocktail

Dragon Cooler

Dragon Cosmo

Dragon Heart

Dragon Lady

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Tea

Dragon's Bite

Dragon's Cup

Drama Queen

Dream Cocktail

Dreamer Special

Dreamer Special 2

Dreamy Tini

Dubonett Cocktail

Duck Blaster

Duck Fart

Dulce de Leche Cocktail

Dundas Valley Ghost

Dying Bastard