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Our Cocktails List is filled with 1000's of Recipes for Cocktail Drinks.. Many Cocktails to delight the pallet and raise your spirits. We have many categories to help find drinks that fit int groups, such as recipes by Absolut Vodka or our Most Popular cocktails page, a thru z listings, plus many others. Cocktail making is not alays an exact science, in fact many recipes are discovered completely by accident. So, keep in mind when you are mixing a drink from one of our recipes; don't be afraid to change the ingredients or even the amounts. You could end up creating the next most popular cocktail.

Emerald Isle Cocktail

Emerald Isle Cocktail Recipe

Irish Coffee Drop

Irish coffee Drop Cocktail Recipe


All of our St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

St. patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes

Summer Punch and Pitcher Recipes

Summer Punch and Pitcher recipes. with the beggining of summer comes these great punch and pitcher recipes. Great for entertaining and sharing with you guest. Always try to use fresh squeezed fruit in your punch recipe, it really make a huge difference.
Summer Punch and Pitcher Recipes

Grey Goose Vodka Drink Recipes

New Cocktail Recipes and information for Grey Goose Vodka and Crey Goose flavored Vodka. Recipes with Pictures and instructions for making the best Grey Goose Cocktails.
Grey Goose Vodka Drink Recipes

Belvedere Vodka Mixed Drinks

Belvedere Vodka Mixed Drinks
New Mixed Drinks and information.
All of the Belvedere Vodka Flavors with Cocktail List and Cocktail Images for each flavor, like Citron, Bloody Mary flavored vodka recipes, Pink Grapefruit, RED, IX, Orange, Black Raspberry and More.


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